Best female whizzinators to hold urine for a drug test

Drug tests are a common practice in a corporate environment, and failing it could lead to serious consequences. So what to do when you are expected to take a drug test soon after the consumption of marijuana? While downing a detox drink to clear your system could be one option, it is certainly not a very effective one.

Similarly, using someone else’s urine sample could be highly unhygienic and an unpleasant experience. A cleaner and far more effective solution for women is the whizzinator, which involves using a synthetic urine bag on a belt for a much more discreet experience.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Female Urination Device

Stealth – The entire point of a female whizzinator is to be unnoticeable so that it cannot be detected by an observer during a drug test. It should not look too bulky under clothes or make unusual sounds that could attract unwanted attention.

Temperature –Human urine is generally the same temperature as the person’s body. For this reason, the right whizzinator should come with a device that regulates the temperature and maintains its normal range. An abnormal urine temperature will lead to the rejection of the sample. Look for products that come with a heating pad and temperature strip to ensure the right sample temperature.

Convenience –Urination devices for women, should be easy to understand so that they can be used on the go. Ideally, it should also be comfortable to wear and store and not prone to any spillage. Clear and concise instructions should be provided to ensure maximum convenience.

Real Urine – The device should also come with a sample that closely resembles real human urine. A well-made whizzinator should include all the necessary urine compounds, such as uric acid, urea, and creatinine. This will make the sample look more realistic, allowing it to pass the drug screening.

The Best Female Whizzinators in the Market

Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a belt

The Incognito Belt checks all the boxes that a female whizzinator should have. Not only is it highly discreet, but also easy to use and comes with a toxin-free and undetectable urine sample.

The kit comes with one bladder bag containing 3.5 ounces of liquid that can easily last up to around two uses, a 48” Velcro adjustable belt, two heating pads, and one temperature strip.

It also comes with clear instructions that allow users to efficiently use the product without making any mistakes.

This Incognito Belt is our favorite since it operates with the help of gravity. It uses a non-toxic synthetic urine sample containing 11 different chemical compounds, such as urea and uric acid, that closely match human urine.

The urine travels from the bladder bag via a rubber tube attached to a lightweight device when you release the clip. Lastly, the heating pads ensure that the sample is the same as the body’s baseline temperature, which eliminates any room for suspicion.

What’s included

How to use an Incognito Belt

To use an Incognito Belt, first, open up the heating pad and peel the adhesive backing. Shake the pad well to activate the heat, then stick it to the bladder bag in between the belt and the urine pouch. Securely wrap the belt around the waist under clothing.

Make sure the temperature strip is touching your skin and the drain tube is pointed towards the floor. Shut the white clips and snip the tube’s end.

To drain the content of the bag, simply unfasten the white clips. When not in use, the urine bag can be stored in the refrigerator for 48 hours or frozen for up to 6 months.


One of the main reasons why people fail a drug test is the urine temperature. The Urinator features cutting-edge technology designed to maintain the urine’s optimal temperature for at least four hours with a single set of batteries. It is reusable, easy to use, and unique in what it offers.

What’s included

How to use the Urinator

Start by using the provided syringe with 75 ml to 85 ml of warm water or urine and put the screw back on the tube. Attach two 9-volt batteries, shut the mini blanket, and seal it shut with the Velcro ends. Let the temperature sensor indicate 98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit before you can hand out the bag as your test sample.

DIY Female Whizzinator

Creating your DIY whizzinator at home might seem like a cheaper and more feasible option, but it brings a host of problems.

It is usually very difficult to maintain the urine’s temperature without the proper heating pads and sensors, and it is practically impossible to make it resemble actual urine due to the lack of chemical compounds. Moreover, DIY whizzinators lack ease of use and are generally not reliable as they can easily break and spill the contents.

How to Make a DIY Female Whizzinator

To make a DIY female whizzinator, you will need to use a small plastic bottle with a nozzle. Fill the bottle with real or sample urine that is the ideal temperature. Close the nozzle and insert the bottle into the vaginal cavity 45 minutes before the test. While taking the test, flip the lid and let the liquid drain.


The Incognito Belt is the ideal female whizzinator that offers convenience, safety, and privacy and possesses the qualities of real human urine in terms of chemical compounds and temperature. With this product, you are sure to pass the drug test every time without any accidents, worries, or hassle.