MudPhuders: meet MOM

The Stanford School of Medicine has a great nickname for their 5-year masters in Medicine-PhD hybrid program: MOM.  The program was spearheaded by Dr. Ben Bares, a great neuroscience researcher and allows basic science oriented students to get some medical training before heading into a research career.  This should interest many readers of this blog.    

Here’s a link to the article that a relative forwarded to me that’s well worth a read.  Here’s an excerpt about the rationale.

There are fewer people now doing MD/PhDs than there were in 1980. “That’s because in the last 30 years, everything—in clinical medicine, as well as in research—has gotten more specialized,” said Barres. “So if you want to train in both, it just keeps taking longer and longer.” The MOM program is not meant to replace the MD/PhD programs, but to provide another path for students who have a clear focus on their research orientation…..

There’s a huge need, not only in the academic world but in the pharmaceutical world, for more scientists who know about disease, said Barres, who noted that the amount of money being spent by pharmaceutical companies on new drug development keeps going up. But the number of new drugs approved by the FDA each year has been going down. “The question is, why? I think our training systems are the problem.”

Link to the MOM program site.


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