Top journals provide “career articles” for aspiring MD/PhDs

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Increasingly, the tabloids (i.e. Science, NEJM & Nature) are providing excellent editorial pieces on career choices.  After catching up on some reading this news years, I’d like to recommend a few articles for those pondering their career direction as a physician scientist.

In September, JAMA published a largely descriptive study on MD/PhD program graduates, their career intentions, and other survey questions.   They were interested in the relationship between career intentions at graduation and subsequent career performance, accomplishments, and evolution.  The results aren’t groundbreaking, but it sets the stage for long-term evaluation of the joint degree program as a way to compare it to the alternative paths to becoming a physician scientist.

>>> Read the JAMA article “MD/PhD Programs–A Call for an Accounting” (zip file floating around internet or JAMA original)