Summer 2008 Update

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Like a garden, a website needs updating and routine maintainence.  I’ve joined the crew to help make a few updates to the site.  I appreciate Jot’s invitation to pitch in and continue the site.  The ongoing changes are  cosmetic, functional, and will bring new features to the MD/PhD community.  We want to focus on improving the transpearancy of the applications process and have some tools in mind to help you out.

Effective immediately, we’re accepting new program reviews, an important part of the site.  We hope to hear not only from those on the interview trail, but students who have experienced the site first hand.  Jot and Linda had a few guidelines that are important to keep in mind.  Fairness and a sense of journalistic integrity are important on the site.  Reviews will remain anonymous, however, we will indicate whether the reviewer has authenticated through the site.  The review structure/interface will change eventually, but that’s for a later post.  Email us or comment on this blog if you need help.

I’m developing some new tools and am excited about the new features that we’re rolling out.  Hopefully they will come to fruition before school starts–and between some travel and work in my summer vegetable garden.