NEW! News

Monday, July 7th, 2008

We’ve rolled out a news feature that I think many of you will really like.  Modeled on the popular social news site,, we’ve installed an open source news application.  I’ve put a few articles up to get things started.  Please register a user name and start an account and start contributing.  I think this offers some advantages over a bulletin board.  Plus, you can subscribe to updates with an RSS feed.  You’ll need to register in order to vote for good stories (SPAM has been a problem).  We especially hope that users will link to new updates on school/program websites as waiting lists progress, as new interview status check pages, etc.

The article categories include Admissions Residency & Postdoc MD PhD Training Programs Science / Discoveries Research Funding.

We hope you find this a useful feature.  As usual, send us feedback and leave comments here on this blog.