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NRSA NIH Fellowship

One avenue to increase your stipend during some of your PhD years and your final years as a medical student is through a NIH F30 fellowship. The prestigous fellowships, often called an "F30" or "NRSA grant", provide an opportunity to fund your research. Importantly, they also provide an additional $3,000 stipend payment (may vary slightly across universities). F30 program is specifically designed to support training in an accredited, combined MD/PhD program.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • The NIH has a loan repayment program to encourage clinicians to enter research programs. In exchange for a two-year commitment to your clinical research career, NIH will repay up to $35,000 per year of your qualified educational debt, pay an additional 39% of the repayments to cover your Federal taxes, and may reimburse state taxes that result from these payments. See for more info.
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